Wooden height chart - Rocket

Wooden height chart - Rocket

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“Reach for the stars ⭐️ 💫”
OR “Fly me to the moon”
Beautiful wooden height charts with our bespoke and hand drawn designs. These height charts have been out best sellers for so many reasons!

Made from high quality wood, this height ruler has a beautiful natural colour and will be a lovely addition to any room. [Measurements:- Width- 12 cm
Total Length (from bottom edge to top edge 142.5 cm]
Thickness* 0.2 cm

The chart starts at 50cm. You will need to ensure you place the first slab carefully after measuring 50cm from the floor and then all the other slot in upwards. (It’s very easy- We have included an instructions leaflet!)

The maximum it goes is upto 180cm in marked engraving but you can write above it if you wish - please see some photos. It’s got another 6.5 cm above it.

These will be great for recording your children’s growth and writing the dates - beautiful memories for years to come!

If you move houses or want to take the wooden ruler to another room, you can easily take this off and relocate it. (However, please note the stickers are not reusable but double sided stickers are easily available on the market)

One set of double sided stickers are included in the pack along with our beautiful cotton bag!

Photo fun fact- our height ruler is proudly displayed in our little Madpac HQ in one of the photos and the video (on the blue wall :)
Please note the first photo is accurate proportion of the ruler on a stock photo.

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