Collection: The Aesop Fables Collection

We believe it’s never too early to introduce babies to books and we wanted to create something that was different and unique- products inspired by famous tales.

Our specially re-written and illustrated little books, that come with every swaddle from this collection, are based on Aesop’s life-lesson fables. It’s these delightful Little Tale characters that have now made themselves very much at home on our Aesop’s Fables Collection products. Our swaddles/muslins have these cute named characters illustrations and here are some of the stories we have created so far (with more to come!)

1. The Hare and the Tortoise

2. The Fox and the Lion

3. The Peacock and the Crane

4. The Stork and the Fox

Our muslin cloth is versatile, long-wearing and soft. So soft that it’s no surprise to us that babies get attached to their swaddles or muslins and hang on to them for years!

Thoughtfully designed, carefully sourced, beautifully illustrated