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Fenella the Fox Muslin Swaddle {From the The Aesop’s Fables Collection ® - 'Fox and the Lion'}

Fenella the Fox Muslin Swaddle {From the The Aesop’s Fables Collection ® - 'Fox and the Lion'}

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Meet Fenella the Fox Supersoft Bamboo Swaddle Blanket from our Aesop’s Fables Collection®

The Aesop’s Fables Collection ® has stunning baby swaddles with illustrations from beautiful ancient fables which add an educational twist to baby products and is something which is very unique.

This single Fennela FOX swaddle is a part of 'The Fox and the Lion' fable collection set. This soft swaddle is made of 70% Bamboo Rayon and 30% Cotton.

MaDPaC™ is a brand produces excellent quality, stylish baby products that are innovative, fun, bright, colourful and express the excitement of being a modern parent.

Our 120 x 120 cm large Bamboo swaddles blankets are the pre washed and extremely soft. They are also very absorbent, lightweight and durable.

Parents will find these generous sized bamboo swaddle blankets a pleasure to use. These are so versatile - can be used as nursing covers, light blanket, burp cloths, sun shade for pram or as a play mat when you are out and about. (Spills covered too!) A must-have for the changing bags!

Bamboo has many advantages apart from just being super soft! It has thermal regulating ability, helps to keep the body warm when it is cold and cool in high temperatures. Our lightweight open weave fabric allows air to flow freely. These swaddles will also make a perfect new baby gift.

Enjoy a little snippet from our Fox and the Lion little Tale!

"When he woke up, it was just in time to see Fenella the Fox come strolling past. ‘Hi there Leonard,’ said Fenella who knew the lion really well and well knew not to go too near his cave. ‘And how are you doing this fine day?’ ‘Oh,’ wailed Leonard, ‘I’m not well, I’m not at all well. I’m really poorly, if you were to come closer and feel my head, you’d see just how poorly I am.’ But Fenella was a wise and cautious fox and she’d noticed something worrying. "
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