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Pair of Muslin Squares in pure cotton- 'Hare and Tortoise' collection With the Little Book

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Our beautiful Hare and Tortoise pair of muslin squares have watercolour illustrations based on the famous story from The Aesop’s Fables Collection ® and specially illustrated and designed for Madpac Babies as part of 'The Hare and Tortoise' fable collection set.

Our 70cm x70cm 100% cotton muslin squares are very absorbent, lightweight and durable.

Parents swear by muslins as an essential item in their changing bag and at home. Muslins act as comforters for the baby too. Putting a muslin on a baby changing mat will make it more comfortable and it can be used during winding, usually over the shoulder after a feed when the baby is held up and having a back massage to aid digestion, protecting your shoulder from any milk sick :)

Parents will find these muslin squares a pleasure to use as they are so versatile and a must-have for the changing bags!

Our lightweight 100% cotton open weave fabric allows air to flow freely. These muslin squares will also make a perfect new baby gift.

Apart from all the practical reasons to buy our muslins, they look absolutely beautiful and you can introduce your little one to the famous Hare and Tortoise fable! (We believe they are never too little to be read too :)