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14 Wooden Baby milestone discs (2 designs - Rainbow and Moon) with a little cotton bag. 7 reversible discs

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These beautiful wooden milestone discs would be a perfect photo prop for your baby's milestones.

These come in an ivory cotton bag and hence would also make a perfect gift for new parents or at a babyshower.

There are 7 reversible discs with 2 designs.
All designs are created by us and are a copyright of Madpac Limited.
Design one :- Sleepy little cute moon with stars.

Design Two:- Rainbow and hearts

10 cm diameter.

The discs are as follows:-
Hello, I'm new here
One week old
One month till eleven months
One year old

Material:- 'Basswood' wood
These discs are made from superior grade Basswood. Please note due to the nature of wood, the colour of some discs may be slightly darker or lighter than the others in the pack. The discs also have natural wood affect so each disc is different and unique adding to its natural charm.