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Wooden Baby Milestone blocks

Wooden Baby Milestone blocks

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These beautiful wooden blocks would be perfect to cherish those milestones as your baby grows - and before that to record your pregnancy journey as well!

This pack has 4 square blocks and one rectangle block.

Each square is as follows:-
1 Square one :- 1,4,3,2,9,7
2. Square two:- 1,2,3,0,5,8
3. Square three:- the words- “Happy, I”m new here, Old”
Illustrations of -“Smiling star🌟, 🌈 rainbow, exclamation mark”

4. Square four:- The words - “Day, Look who’s, Today I’m, Year”
Illustrations :- “♥️ heart, sleepy baby 🌝 moon”

We have made these special and gorgeous combinations so you get the most out of these beautiful blocks.

This is a UNIQUE design to us and we have listened to what the mums and dads wanted the most!

For example:-
If your baby is 18 months old, you have a choice to say
* Look who’s 2 months old
* Today I’m 2 months
*Happy 2 months with a choice of heart emogi or rainbow
* 2 months old with a choice of heart emogi or baby moon :)

PLEASE NOTE AS THESE BLOCKS ARE MADE FROM NATURAL WOOD, the colour of all blocks will vary from one another. Some would appear lighter or darker than the cube next to it. This enhances the beauty of this natural and beautiful product.

Also as these are made of wood, they will be a prefect toy to play with for your baby. This perfect set of blocks will be an excellent gift for new parents, which will be a part of their memories for years to come

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