Our Exceptional Wooden Height Rulers: Where Memories and Practicality Meet!

Our Wooden Height Rulers are carefully fashioned from the finest bass wood, ensuring durability and a beautiful finish. With a design tailored to effortlessly blend with any décor, these rulers find a rightful place on your walls, adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Parents can now create lasting memories as they mark their children's growth milestones on the rulers, complete with dates. These seemingly simple lines become a testament to the passage of time, etching moments of love and growth that will stay with your family forever. You can’t take walls with you while moving houses but you can take the height chart :)

In a world filled with fleeting moments, our Wooden Height Rulers stand as a tribute to the love and memories that shape our lives. They transform a simple wall accessory into a cherished heirloom, reminding us all of the beautiful journey we've embarked upon. Join us at Madpac and let these rulers be a part of your family's story, one inch at a time.



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